My interest in my family history started when I was still in my teens, through quizzing my grandparents about their families. I’m so glad now that I did that as it gave me the basic building blocks.

Since then I have researched many family lines, giving more or less time to it depending on work and childcare commitments.

Today my main surname interests are:

Wakefield (East Finchley)

Neighbour (Lewknor, Oxfordshire)

George (East Dereham, Norfolk)

Mitchell (West Grinstead, West Sussex)

Through my ongoing research I have learnt so much about local and social history – I love it!

9 thoughts on “About

      1. Hello Marian, I am curious about your Buckingham ancestors. What is your line? I too am researching Buckinghams from Eynsham but am coming up empty so far.


      2. Hello Jan. My Buckingham line goes through Caleb, born 1809, father Jeremiah born 1779 and his father John born 1744. All in the Eynsham area. How about yours?


  1. Hi Marian,

    I came across your blog today and was super excited. I just broke a brick wall and found my ancestor, Thomas Neighbour, was originally born in South Weston, OX in 1787. His family eventually wound up in Herefordshire and some hopped the border into Wales. Iā€™d love to chat further to see if we have a connection!



    1. Hi Robin

      Well that’s exciting! I’ve been looking at my tree, but frustratingly I can’t find a Thomas b 1787 in South Weston. I have a Thomas b 1783 in Lewknor to Richard and Elizabeth. There has to be a connection somewhere, though. Do you have the names of your Thomas’ parents? Richard (b 1758) had brothers Robert, William, Moses, Thomas and Jessy, so I guess it’s possible your Thomas is a son of one of those? Looking through my notes, I found a Thomas Neighbour, farmer of South Weston, acting as an executor in 1889 for the estate of his father Robert, but that is just too late. Otherwise I don’t have many South Weston references. Maybe if you are able to build up his family a bit more we might find where the connection is.

      Thanks for being in touch and I look forward to hearing further!



  2. Hi Marian,

    I don’t know anything about my Thomas’ parents. All I know is moving forwards. The first son, Edward, was born in 1817 in Haseley, Oxfordshire, and then the next child, Thomas, was born in 1819 in Herefordshire, as were all the rest of the children. Everything I have on the Neighbours I’ve posted to WikiTree. My Thomas is here: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Neighbour-190

    I look forward to chatting further!



    1. Hi Robin
      South Weston is so close to Lewknor, and yet looking through my Neighbour file the only references I can find are to a Thomas Neighbour in South Weston around 1880, who would appear to have no connection to yours. Very frustrating. And he certainly doesn’t appear on my Neighbour tree. But undoubtedly there has to be a connection as it is so close geographically. It must just be a little further back. I will continue to keep my eyes open for any sort of connection. Thanks for being in touch!



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