The George family of East Dereham, Norfolk

My earliest proven George ancestor is David George, who died and was buried in East Dereham, Norfolk, in April 1851 aged around 65.

For many years I have searched for a baptism record for him, which should be around 1786, but have so far failed to find one.  It is possible that he was the son of John George and Ann Gallant, and indeed there are numerous trees on Ancestry which make this connection, but I have yet to see any source for this assumption.  What we do know is that  David married Elizabeth Jefferies in East Dereham on 7 December 1806 and they went on to have 12 children:   Mary Ann, Mary, David, Elizabeth, John (my 2 x great grandfather), James, Ann, William, Frances, Sarah, Francis and Benjamin.

With the striking exception of James, none of the family moved very far from East Dereham and they give the impression of a close family who looked after each other and each other’s children.

James George (1818 – 1891) is the exception – I have fairly recently discovered that he converted to the Mormon faith in around 1849 and subsequently emigrated to Utah in the USA in 1878 (having been twice widowed) with his daughter Alice.  All his other surviving children preceded him to Utah, where many of their descendants still live.

Of my ancestor John George’s children, three sons moved south to Croydon, Surrey, including my great grandfather David George (1847 – 1929).  He married Elizabeth Mayne and their children were:  Mary, Alfred and Alice (twins) and Robert and Kate (twins).

(Inside East Dereham church there are some George memorials to individuals who I have been unable to link to ‘my’ George family.  Asty George became Lord of the Manor in East Dereham in 1703, succeeding his grandfather Thomas.  I believe that Astey was baptised in 1672 in Ovington,  the son of Peter George from Carbrooke and Anne Asty.)

John George 1815 – 1901, my 2 x great grandfather