The Neighbour family of Lewknor, Oxfordshire

The Neighbour strand of my family history research is the one that goes back the furthest – to a William Neighbour who married Mary West in 1676 in Lewknor, a village south east of Oxford.

I am descended through his great great grandaughter Sophia Neighbour, who married a James Hawkins five years after giving birth in 1805 to an illegitimate son Richard (who became a shoemaker).  Together they were licencees of the Leather Bottle pub in the village, and Sophia continued to run it after James’ death with their daughter Louisa taking on the licence after Sophia’s death.

Richard Neighbour the shoemaker, mentioned above, was the grandfather of Annie Rebecca Neighbour, born 1870 in Ealing, who married my great grandfather William Wakefield in 1893 in Newington.

Within the Neighbour family there seems to be a strong connection between  Lewknor and Ealing and I’m not sure why.  It could just be down to the transport route into London.

I’d be happy to connect with others researching this slightly unusual surname.