The Wakefield family of East Finchley

I have traced my maiden name of Wakefield  back to a William Wakefield who married Susan Sumner in April 1823 at St Mary’s Finchley.  He worked as a bricklayer.  Of their nine children, many of the descendants of Jonathan and Abraham Wakefield remained in the Finchley area.

My line descends through William, born 1832, who headed south of the river to Brixton where his son William was born in 1867 and grandson William in 1896.  This last was the final William Wakefield as he died in 1918 in the Messines area of Belgium during WW1.  His parents and their nine surviving children had moved further south still to Woking in Surrey by 1910 where his Dad worked as a billposter for Kerrisons.

I have run into the mud somewhat trying to take the Wakefields further back, so any suggestions or connections are very welcome!